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To improve email security and reduce the threat of phishing and spam, major email providers are implementing changes to verify that email is actually sent from the domain it claims to be sent from. Google and Yahoo/AOL have stated that, starting in February 2024, any piece of email that cannot be authenticated will be quarantined (in other words, sent to the recipient’s Spam/Junk Mail folder).
Case Western Reserve is offering an email redirect service to alumni to ensure continued access to new messages sent to their university email accounts.
Starting April 24, 2023, Gmail will begin rejecting messages that contain more than one RFC-mandated single instance header in order to better protect you from spam and abuse.
Email service for CWRU is provided through Google Workspace for Education, a collaboration suite of services that includes a email account and access to dozens of other Google Apps including Google Sites, Google Docs and Google Chat. Email can be read in clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mail for Mac.
For the best experience, members of the university community are encouraged to use Google Apps for Education. This premier suite of online tools, including CWRU Gmail and Calendar, is automatically configured for Case Western Reserve and features unlimited storage for email and files. To start collaborating, visit
You can create email aliases for yourself, an organization, or an event (such as '') through the email alias creator. An email alias is personal to you and delivers mail into your mailbox, like your official email address does.

When creating an alias for a department or organization it is strongly recommended the creation of a Google Group.