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Network ID (NetID), Passphrase / Password, Affiliate ID, Identity Management (IdM), Single Sign-on (SSO), LDAP, AD

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PeopleSoft Applications (FIN, HCM, SIS), Data Lake, OnBase, Salesforce

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Google Applications: Mail, Groups, Drive, Calendar, etc.
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Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Duo, Spam / Phishing, Spyware / Malware, Rave

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SPARTA, Secure Research Environment (SRE), Research Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC)

Teaching & Learning

Canvas, Turnitin, Echo360, Qualtrics, Active Learning Classroom

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Pinned Article Announcement - New Duo Universal Prompt

Duo announced it is changing its look and will add some new features as of March 30. The familiar two-factor prompt you see when logging in to important CWRU web applications will be phased out in the coming weeks, and replaced with Duo’s new Universal Prompt, which has a more minimalist look. The traditional prompt will continue to work, but will be phased out gradually to prevent any interruption to CWRU services.

Pinned Article Introductory TeamDynamix How-To videos

These videos provide a brief introduction on how to do some common items in TeamDynamix.

Pinned Article New to CWRU - Connecting to CaseWireless

When first arriving on campus some CWRU students, faculty or staff may be unable to connect their devices to the CareWireless network, which requires users to login with their university account. However they are able to connect to CaseGuest, the wireless network available to any visitors on campus. It's recommended for everyone with a valid university account to use CaseWireless because it is a more secure network.

Pinned Article New to CWRU - Quick Guide

This article is a quick guide for commonly used technology services at CWRU.

UTech Care Center at KSL

The UTech C.A.R.E. Center @ KSL (Kelvin Smith Library) offers walk-up technical support to members of the university community. Visitors may ask questions, receive consultation or check-in machines for repair by our on-site team.

Visit the Ingenuity Bar for quick evaluation of incident or service requests. An analyst will assess the situation and give you feedback on the steps necessary to correct the issue.