FAQ - Summer 2023 Wireless Updates

Important changes to the wireless network will take place during the Summer 2023 term. Updates to CaseGuest will alter the user experience and may impact existing connectivity. Please take action by July 30th, 2023 if you manage equipment that will be affected. 

Summary of Changes:

  • CaseGuest will begin presenting a web page with the CWRU Acceptable Use Policy. Connections will be valid for a limited period of time and won’t work until the AUP is re-accepted.
  • CaseRegistered is being introduced to fill the gap for devices with limited connection options. This will require prior registration of the MAC address for each device to connect. Typical use cases include printers, sensors, TVs, streaming media, smart home, and IoT devices.
  • CaseGaming will be removed and replaced by CaseRegistered


When are these changes being made?

June 19:  CaseRegistered will be available for use throughout campus

July 30:   CaseGuest and CaseGaming changes outlined above take effect


How do I know if my device will be impacted?

In the future, CaseGuest connections will stop working every 4 hours until the AUP is accepted. If you manage equipment that persistently connects to CaseGuest, you will most likely need to switch to CaseRegistered.


How do I connect my Smart Home or IoT device to CaseRegistered?

Compatibility varies by manufacturer and [U]Tech does not provide support beyond basic connectivity. When necessary, it is recommended to connect your smartphone or PC to CaseRegistered first and then set up the device. Both MAC addresses must be registered in advance.


Our department has a lot of devices on CaseGuest. What should we do?

For ease of management, [U]Tech will work with departments that own infrastructure, life safety, classroom technology, or telemetry equipment.


What network access will CaseRegistered have?

CaseRegistered will have network access similar to CaseWireless. This means devices on the wired network will be reachable from CaseRegistered. 


How do I register a MAC address for CaseRegistered?

Up to 15 devices can be registered using the MyDevices Portal. This site is only accessible from on campus and requires a CWRU login.


If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk.

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