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Case Western Reserve partners with Google to provide students, faculty and staff members with web-based and mobile collaboration tools. To access these tools, collectively known as Google Workspace for Education, navigate to and select the quick links icon in the top right corner of the page.

From Gmail to Calendar to Drive, there are numerous Google tools to explore. Choose a popular app from the items below to learn how it can help you learn, teach, research and work at CWRU.


Purchasing additional Google Workspace storage

Please fill out this form to request to purchase additional storage in Google Workspace and have UTech exempt user and/or Shared Drive quotas. Google will not be charging CWRU for additional storage until early in the 2024-2025 fiscal year. As a result, UTech will also not charge individuals or departments for any additional Google Workspace storage they purchase until after July 1st of 2024. The anticipated cost is approximately $144 per terabyte per year for both individual user and Shared Drive storage. The charges only apply to storage above the default quotas of 100 GB per user account, 100 GB per Shared Drive a person manages, and 200 GB combined across all Shared Drives a person manages.
Once this form is submitted, UTech will exempt the listed users and/or Shared Drives from current storage caps and confirm with the requester. Closer to July of 2024, UTech will reach out regarding the exact price Google is charging, confirm the amount of storage the person or department would like to purchase, inquire how the storage should be divided among the users and/or drives requested above, and ask for a speedtype to charge. Storage will be purchased in blocks that can be applied flexibly across both user accounts and Shared Drives as a person or department wishes. After July 1st, 2024 the above exemptions will be removed and replaced with the purchased caps and the supplied speedtype will be charged.
Request Additional Storage

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The university will phase out Google Workspace as a service available to alumni in summer 2023. You will retain your CWRU email address and we will provide a forwarding service so you can have your CWRU email delivered to the personal email address of your choice. However, you will no longer have access to a Gmail mailbox, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Photos, or any other Google service through your CWRU account.
FAQ around Google Shared Drives
Google will end unlimited Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos) storage for Case Western Reserve users starting July 2024—a change that requires the university to reduce its storage in those platforms by roughly 75%. [U]Tech will apply a 100 GB cap per user for Google Workspace beginning 11/2/2022


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