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Please use this public form if you have a general IT support or service question related to technology at CWRU.

Telephony, including voice/VoIP, teleconferencing, and web conferencing hosted either in cloud or on-premises.

The main EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system in use at the School of Dental Medicine.

Distribution, installation, and troubleshooting of software and licenses via media, online methods, and license servers. Includes both cloud-based and desktop software.

Electronic message, information sharing, productivity, and integrated collaboration suites used to facilitate interactions between individuals and work groups as they create, share, and exchange information. Includes services such as email, calendaring, productivity suites, file sharing, instant messaging tools, and web-based collaborative platforms used strictly for collaboration. Individuals looking for marketing-driven email services or mass email options should visit case.edu/umc to learn more.

Support for all types of end-point devices, including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and related peripherals that are not in the printing service. These devices might be personally or institutionally owned (including loaner equipment) and might be part of a shared pool or a computer lab. Includes support for the associated operating system, hardware, and systems that provide enterprise management of computing devices.

The architecture, installation, and operation of infrastructure items required to offer network connectivity, such as network cabling, routers, and firewalls. Includes connecting devices (including Internet of Things devices) to the network, network access management, securing access to networks, and appropriate authentication (e.g., network registration systems, VPN, and NAC).

Information and availaibility of services related to Single Sign On

Support for questions and issues related to affiliate accounts at CWRU.

Computer hardware (purchasing/repair of computers, printers, etc.) support for the School of Dental Medicine.

Please use this page to report issues related to activating your account.

For assistance with non-clinical software at the School of Dental Medicine.

Access requests for computer systems in the School of Dental Medicine.

If you are having issues resetting your passphrase and require a passphrase reset, please use this form.

Business intelligence platforms, data warehouses, dashboards, analytics tools, transactional reporting, operational data stores, and data governance when offered as a service.

The Secure Research Environment (SRE) is a controlled environment and FISMA-based security program. Research data with sensitive content may be stored and analyzed inside the environment.

The Federal Information Security Act of 2002 (FISMA) is a law requiring protection of sensitive data created, stored or accessed by the Federal Government or any entity on its behalf.

Purchasing consultation, hardware procurement, device refresh, leasing, and technology recycling.

This service will allow alumni to ask questions or express concerns regarding Google Workspace changes for alumni.

For certain support issues like password resets or configuration of Duo, the UTech Service Desk may ask the requestor to verify their identity. Please use this form to provide the required information.

Information about CWRU Network ID.

Content management systems, portals, web hosting, web analytics, user experience design, and URL management. Also includes website and mobile application development.

Includes design and maintenance of the capabilities, tools, and service points needed to deliver IT services or provide end-user support. Includes service desks, call centers, and online support delivery. Might include concierge support or special event service delivery.

Support of the data life cycle, including data creation; discovery and collection; analysis and visualization; storage, backup, and transfer; and research data policy compliance.

Computing and storage resources that support research that uses specialized or highly intensive computation, storage, bandwidth, or graphics. Includes advanced or specialized applications, such as plotting, visualization, modeling, rendering, animation, graphics programming, and image manipulation.

Admissions, enrollment, registration, orientation, financial aid, student accounts and collections, advising, and career services systems.